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​©Takashi Kanai

​鶴家一仁/Kazuhito Tsuruga


日本大学芸術学部演劇学科洋舞コース中退後、英国Rambert school of Ballet and Contemporary danceへ入学。

同校在学中にKerry NichollsやMark Baldwinなどの作品で主要な役を踊る。


Pichet Klunchun演出「Toky Toki Saru」や扇田拓也演出「エリサと白鳥の王子たち」、小池博史演出「Fools on the Hill」、Will Tuckett演出「ピサロ」、山崎広太、倉田翠、石井則仁、スズキ拓郎等の作品に出演。また、ロンドンでTimeout誌に取り上げられたGingerline による「The Grand Expedition」にてオリジナルキャストを務める。


​175cm 67kg  趣味・特技 ギター、カポエイラ

Kazuhito Tsuruga is a professional contemporary dancer, and he trained at Rambert school of Ballet and Contemporary dance. Durling the school, he joined some choreographer's works such as Kerry Nicholls and Mark Baldwin.
After graduated(2016), He is working as a freelance dancer and choreographer in Tokyo and London worked with many directors, Pichet Klunchun‘s 「Toky Toki Saru」(2017), Takuya Senda's 「Elisa and Princes of Sawan」(2018〜19), Gingerline's「The Grand Expeditions」(2019〜20) and Will Tuckett's 「The Royal Hunt of the Sun」(2020).

He is now interested in and learnig flying low technique and Capoeira.

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